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Organic Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser "Sweet Dreams"

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  • Brand: Ecoza
  • Product Code: Diffuser
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Diffuser with sticks is a great tool for aromatherapy, as well as it is a beautiful decor for your home.

This set includes: 8 pieces of reed diffusers sticks, glass bottle with two caps, a mixture of essential oils in a spring water.

In this diffuser "Sweet Dreams" you will find a unique composition of essential oils that will help to relax and decrease stress to you and your family. Feel the magic of fragrance!

Our aromatherapy reed diffuser is safe and natural for the environment and human health. This product is 100% organic, it does not contain alcohol, dipropylene glycol and etc. It consist of composition of natural organic oils. Also you can always use our blends of essential oils in other types of diffusers (for example with ultrasonic or in usual burning lamps, as it is not a flammable substance).

Our reed diffuser is ready to be used, just place sticks and enjoy the aroma of essential oils!

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