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Organic Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser "Harmony"

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Our aromatherapy reed diffuser set consist:

1. 12 pieces reeds
2. Glass bottle 150 ml
with two caps
3. Blend of essential oils 
"Harmony" in a spring water.

The composition of our mixture "Harmony" include:

1. The essential oil of bergamot. It suppresses depression, improves mood, relieves the feeling of fear. It improves communication skills, enhances imagination and creative side of thinking. This oil activates vitality, contributes to a success in the knowledge and creativity. It has a calming effect in case of nervous tension, stress, depression and melancholy.

2. The essential oil of grapefruit. It is an effective tonic and an antidepressant agent, it elevates mood, increases mental activity of an organism. This oil develops a philosophical approach to life, facilitates the creative perception of information. It refreshes, eliminates a bad mood. It helps you to take life objectively and easily assimilate information.

3. The essential oil of nutmeg. It tones and stimulates, helps with general fatigue. It energizes, inspires, it can be used as a remedy against fainting.

4. The essential oil of pine. The scent of pine brings thoughts in order, acts as a refreshing and tonic agent. It has good effect in case of lack of energy, in a state of confusion and mental overexertion. This oil restores emotional balance, it helps to cope with a stress, stimulates mental activity.

Our Reed Diffuser Oils are environmentally friendly- “Organic”, alcohol-free, DPG-free, not diluted, strong and long-lasting scents and can use ultrasonic diffuser.

Our products are never tested on animals. Prepared in the EU from quality ingredients and guaranteed fresh for your reed diffusers.

Our diffuser is ready to be used, just place sticks, and enjoy the aroma of essential oils!

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