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Organic Lip Balm "Blueberry In Chocolate"

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Lip balm is an important component of women's cosmetics. Balms can be different, some is a nourishing, the other is a moisturising, one can underline a shape of lips, the other protect against the sun, some is with antiseptic effect etc.

What is possible then to tell about our lip balm "Blueberry In Chocolate"?

1. First of all it is 100% organic product, suitable for everybody, even to the vegans and people who are allergic to bee products. "Blueberry In Chocolate" consists of cocoa bater, mango butter, peach kernel oil, natural wax jojoba, vitamin E, and wild bilberry extract. This balm does not include parabens, flavouring agents, colouring agents, bee products, that is why it is hypo-allergenic product.

2. Our lip balm has nutritional properties due to the fact that it consist of cocoa butter (it is also known as a butter of a chocolate tree). This butter softens the skin of the lips, makes it more womanly, supple and smooth.

3. Balm"Blueberry In Chocolate"  perfectly moisturises lips, maintains and restores tissue tone and lipid balance (due to the cocoa and mango butters ).

4. "Blueberry In Chocolate" perfectly regenerates small cracks on the lips.

5. This balm has protective properties and is a great opportunity to get rid of lip chapping in cold weather (due to the cocoa and mango butters).

This balm has a pleasant and non-sticky texture, easily spread on the lips, makes them well-groomed and moisturised. This balm can be used round a year, and it is very suitable at winter time, when the lips require more care.

INCI Theobroma cacao butter ( Cacao butter ), Mangifera Indica (Mango butter) seed butter, Prunus Persica (Peach) Kernel Oil, Simmondsia chinensis wax ( воск жожоба ), Tocoferol Acetate ( витамин E ), Vaccinium myrtillus fruit extract ( Bilberry extract )
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