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Baby Organic Green Soap “Linen” in the Linen Bag

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Baby Organic Green Soap “Linen” scentless is a safe and non-toxic universal paste-like cleaner. Baby Organic Green Soap “Linen”is soft enough to be used on  vegetables and fruits washing, children's toys, chairs, home bowls and children's dishes, as well as for agricultural needs.  Use this natural product on every surface of you house! Baby Organic Green Soap “Linen” is great for wood, countertops, upholstery, tiles, plastic, car washes and even as pre-treatment of stains on clothes! (but do not ferget to check on small squear of your surface first).

It consist of: saponified organic oils (Latvian unrefind flaxseed oil, Latvian unrefind Colza (rapeseed) oil and Coconut oil), organic flaxseed extract.

It does not contain sulphates, petroleum products, artificial fragrance, colourants and DEA (MEA, TEA and etc.)

How we made it? We start with a natural mixture of organic oils – flaxseed (we use unrefind and food grade), colza and coconut. Then we saponified them all with strong alkali solution.

Safe for pets, children and people with allergies and skin sensitivity.

You will receive 500 ml / 16.9 fl.oz. organic green soap "Linen" in reusable plastic jar and beautiful Latvian linen bag.

Ingredients Saponified organic unrefind flaxseed oil, saponified organic unrefind rapeseed oil, saponified organic coconut butter, organic flaxseed extract
Volume 500 ml

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