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Ultrasonic diffuser for car "Auto"

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For centuries, people used the art of aromatherapy to improve their health and fill life with happy and wonderful aromas of essential oils.

One of the best ways to get maximum effect from essential oils is to spray them into the air.

The new modification of a diffuser is "Auto" it is based on high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations that turns a mixture of water and essential oil into a fine mist. This process provides a significantly greater therapeutic effect than the process based on heating to a high temperature, when all the useful properties of aromatic oils is destroyed.

Also with the correct choice of our sets of essential oils you will add fragrance into your car, will achieve a relaxing, refreshing, or any other effect, and, of course, will get energy cleaning and recharging of positive energy in the car.

The duration of one procedure is from 10 to 30 minutes, after it the device is switched off for 2 hours.

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