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We are glad bring to your attention our organic hair growth oils, which do not contain silicones, artificial aromas, dyes, parabens and sulfates. These are perfectly safe organic oils for hair care, the formulations of which were developed by our aromatherapists and medical doctors. This is 100% organic vegetable oils, which include compositions of essential oils. Our organic hair growth oils are not only safe and organic, but also they are aromatherapy. It means all compositions are chosen to perform certain functions - to strengthen hair, against dandruff, against hair loss, regenerating oils, increasing the volume oils, etc.

Our organic hair growth oils are an excellent alternative to chemical hair care products, which include chemicals such as silicones, that make hair more greasy and induce hair loss, ingredients that cause allergies, itching and dandruff.

Choose our organic hair growth oils, you buy safe and natural products for hair care! If you are not indifferent to your health and the health of your family members, then our products are perfect for you!

In our blog you can also read what our oils differ and with which hair type they can be used, also you might learn about the benefits of aroma-combing. Read Here

Organic oil "French Lavender" for greasy hair, against hair loss, dandruff and hair breakage ..
Organic oil "French Lavender" for greasy hair, ag...

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