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Organic hydrophilic oil against hair loss and dandruff "French Lavender"for greasy hair

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The organic hydrophilic oil against hair loss and dandruff "French Lavender" does not contain: fragrances, paraben, petroleum products, silicone and consists of 100% organic oils. The organic hydrophilic oil against hair loss and dandruff "French Lavender" contains castor and olive oils, lavender essential oil.

The organic hydrophilic oil against hair loss and dandruff "French Lavender" for greasy hair, against hair loss, dandruff and hair breakage with French Lavender essential oil you can use for greasy hair.

Castor oil is used to help prevent and eliminate hair loss and this oil is effective for several reasons. First: the antibacterial and antifungal properties make it a useful against dandruff and from various skin diseases. Second: The castor oil contains ricinoleic acid that increases blood flow into the skin and improves hair growth.

Third. Antioxidants in castor oil serve to preserve the keratin in hair and help to make hair more strong, smooth and less wavy.

Olive oil
makes the hair soft and shiny, being natural conditioner, olive oil moisturizes hair.

Lavender essential oil - has antiseptic, restorative, soothing and relaxing effects. Read more about lavender essential oil HERE

Usage: Apply a small amount of warm oil (40 degrees) to hair, gently massage the scalp, wrap hair in a plastic cap and cover the head with warm towel and leave it on hair for about 30 minutes. Then wash hair with Sulfate-free and aromatherapy shampoo against hair loss and dandruff "French Lavender" and thoroughly rinse with warm water.

Also we offer to read our article about the benefits of aroma hair combing with aromatic oils HERE

INCI Ricinus communis seed oil ( castor oil ), Olea europaea oil ( olive oil ), Lavandula angustifolia oil ( French lavender essential oil), Tocoferol Acetate ( vitamin E ), linalyl acetate (part of essential oils )
Volume 340 gr

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